Contributing Authors

Enroute Flight Navigation was written by Stefan Kebekus as a project of of the Akaflieg Freiburg flight club. However, several other people helped.

  • Adrien Crovato is a private pilot and aerospace engineer. He joined the development team in 2020, and contributes to the C++ and QML code base.

  • Heiner Tholen enjoys building things, analog and digital, airborne as well as ground-based. He uses Enroute Flight Navigation as a pilot of ultralight planes. Heiner joined the team mid 2020 and contributes to the C++/QML codebase.

  • Johannes Zellner joined the development in 2020. He contributes to the C++ and QML code base of the app and helps with bug fixing.


The manual has kindly been provided by Michael Horbaschk.


  • French: Adrien Crovato

  • German: Markus Sachs. Markus flies trikes and is an enthusiastic ‘Co’ on everyting else that flies.

  • Italian: Ivan Battistella and Luca Bertoncello. Luca flies ultralight planes since 2014 and has become a flight instructor in 2019. He programs since 1988 and works as a systems administrator in Dresden, Germany.</p>

  • Polish: Szymon Kocur

Academic Sponsor

The author gratefully acknowledges support by its academic sponsor, the University of Freiburg. The university kindly provides the infrastructure used to generate our maps, and the bandwidth required to serve them.

Other software

Enroute Flight Navigation uses a large number of open source libraries. This includes the Qt framework, the QHTTPEngine web server, and the OpenSSL encryption libraries.