Frequently asked questions

There are no maps for my country. Can you please add them?

Maybe. Please understand that we program this free app in our spare time, as a service to the community. Sadly, I should point us that sending us impolite demands is not likely to give the result that you desire.

We receive our aviation data from openAIP. This is a not-for-profit organization where volunteers compile aviation data for many countries. If openAIP covers your country, we might be able to generate maps for it. First, however, we need to be reasonably sure that the openAIP data is accurate and complete. Please have a look at the openAIP maps and compare the display with an official aviation map of your country. Are the airfields there? Are runway lengths/orientations and frequencies correct? Are navaids correctly displayed, with correct codes and frequencies? And what about airspaces?

If you are convinced that the data is good enough to be added, you can request to add the country. Please go to this website and open an ‘issue’ with your request. Please tell us who you are, where you fly and how you convinced yourself that the data is good. If you find that the data is not good enough, you are welcome to join the openAIP project and help to improve the data.

What is the minimum Android version?

At present Enroute Flight Navigation requires Android 6.0 or later. We ask for your understanding that we cannot support older devices, as this would require manpower that we simply do not have.