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Add Times is a simple calculator app that adds times given in hours and minutes. It helps with the recording of machine running times, or with the addition of flight times in your pilots’ flight log. The program has been written by Stefan Kebekus, as a project of Akaflieg Freiburg, a flight club based in Freiburg, Germany.

Not Commercial. Privacy Taken Seriously.

This app was written without financial interest. We do not surprise you with advertising or in-app purchases and there is no commercial “pro”-version of the app. The app is published under the GNU General Public License, a widely-used free software license that guarantees end users the freedom to run, study, share, and modify the software.

We do not collect your data. We do not use the “Facebook API”, “Crashlytics” or similar software that spies on you. You do not need to register for “membership”. And we do not hassle you with e-mails. We do not even have or want your address!


This free app is published in the hope that it might be useful. It comes with no guarantees.