Privacy policies

The app Enroute Flight Navigation has been designed to not send any data to us. We do not track our users. We do not collect data. However, note the following.

  • The app contains third-party software components, including map rendering software from MapBox, Inc. While we have checked that no data is collected by these components, there is a chance that we overlooked something.

Internet access

The app accesses internet sites that may not be under our control. These sites may keep access logs or track their users.

  • The downloads maps and data from the server at the University of Freiburg. The app will also connect to this server to check for updates.

  • The app downloads METAR/TAF weather data from the Aviation Weather Center, a website of the United States government. In order to provide relevant data, the app sends your location and your current route to the Aviation Weather Center at regular intervals.

Privileges of the Android app

The Android app requires the following privileges.

  • ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION and ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION – Accessing the device’s location is clearly necessary for a navigation app.

  • ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE and ACCESS_WIFI_STATE – Required to automatically connect to traffic receivers.

  • CHANGE_WIFI_MULTICAST_STATE – The app receives traffic and position information from traffic data receivers and flight simulators via UDP network broadcasts. This privilege is required to receive the relevant data packages.

  • INTERNET – This privilege is required to download and update map, data and METAR/TAF reports.

  • VIBRATE – The app vibrates your device, for instance to give haptic feedback for key presses.

  • WAKE_LOCK – Required to maintain WiFi connections to traffic data receivers even when the device display is off.

  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – This privilege is required to store the flight map library in a globally accessible directory. This ensures that the library persists when the app is uninstalled or reinstalled. It also ensures that other apps, such as file managers or file synchronization software, can access the data.

The Android app asks for the following optional privilege.

  • POST_NOTIFICATIONS - The app uses notifications, for instance to inform the user about available map updates.