Check Weather

Enroute Flight Navigation can show METAR reports and TAF forecasts from nearby airfields along your route. The data is updated frequently, provided that an internet connection is available. To check weather, open the main menu and choose the item “Weather”. The weather information comes from the “Aviation Weather Center”, a website of the US government. When you open the page for the first time, Enroute Flight Navigation asks for your permission to access that site.


The weather information shown by Enroute Flight Navigation might be outdated or otherwise wrong. Assessment of meteorological flight conditions has to be done via an officially approved source of flight weather.

As soon as weather information has been downloaded, the page will look like this.

Weather at airfields close to Freiburg

Weather information

The page body displays a list of stations that are within 85nm around your current position or your intended flight route. As you can see in the picture, the following information is shown.

  • ICAO identifier for Station and Airport name

  • Distance and QUJ

  • METAR summary

The entries are classified and colored according to the “aviation flight categories” typically used in the United States. The coding scheme is explained in the table below. Note that this color coding might be different from the scheme typically used in your country. Green color does certainly not imply that it is advisable (or legal) to fly.





low IFR


<500 feet AGL


<1 mile



500 – 1,000 feet AGL


1 – 3 miles

marginal VFR


1,000 – 3,000 feet AGL


3 – 5 miles



>3,000 feet AGL


> 5 miles

no data


Touch any item in the list to open dialog window with more details. The dialog window will look like this.

Weather at airfields close to Freiburg

Detailed Weather Dialog

As you can see in the picture, the weather dialog shows the following information.

  1. Station data including bearing and distance

  2. METAR text (if available)

  3. Decoded and translated METAR text

  4. TAF text (if available)

  5. Decoded and translated TAF text

Depending on screen size, you might have to scroll down in order to read the full weather forecast.

Three-dot menu

The three-dot menu at the top right of the page allows to do the following.

  • Check for updates of METAR and TAF data

  • Disallow the internet connection to the “Aviation Weather Center” in case of privacy concerns