Think before you fly

Enroute Flight Navigation is a free software product that has been published in the hope that it might be useful as an aid to prudent navigation. It comes with no guarantees. It may not work as expected. Data shown to you might be wrong. Your hardware may fail.

This app is no substitute for proper flight preparation or good pilotage. Any information must always be validated using an official navigation and airspace data source.


Always use official flight navigation data for flight preparation and navigate by officially authorized means. The use of non-certified navigation devices and software like Enroute Flight Navigation as a primary source of navigation may cause accidents leading to loss of lives.

We do not believe that the use of Enroute Flight Navigation fulfills the requirement of the EU Regulation No 923/2012:SERA.2010

Before beginning a flight, the pilot-in-command of an aircraft shall become familiar with all available information appropriate to the intended operation.

To put it simply: relying on Enroute Flight Navigation as a primary means of navigation is most likely illegal in your jurisdiction. It is most certainly stupid and potentially suicidal.

Software limitations

Enroute Flight Navigation is not an officially approved flight navigation software. It is not officially approved or certified in any way. The software comes with no guarantee and might contain bugs.

Operating system limitations

We expect that most users will run the software on mobile phones or tablet computers running the Android operating system. Android is not officially approved or certified for aviation. While we expect that the app will run fine for the vast majority of Android users, please keep the following in mind.

  • The Android operating system can decide at any time to terminate Enroute Flight Navigation or to slow it down to clear resources for other apps.

  • Other apps might interfere with the operation of Enroute Flight Navigation.

  • Many hardware vendors, most notably One Plus, Huawei and Samsung equip their phone with “battery saving apps” that randomly kill long-running processes. These apps cannot be uninstalled by the users, do not comply with Android standards and are often extremely buggy. At times, users can manually excempt apps from “battery saving mode”, but the settings are usually lost on system updates. Google’s own “Pixel” and “Nexus” devices do not have these problems. See the website Don’t kill my app for more information.

Hardware limitations

Enroute Flight Navigation runs on a variety of hardware platforms, but we expect that most users will run the software on mobile phones, tablet computers and comparable consumer electronic devices that are not certified to meet aviation standards. Keep the following in mind.

  • Your device might not be designed to operate continuously for extended periods of time, in particular if the display is on.

  • Your device can overheat. Batteries can catch fire.

  • Battery capacity is limited. Even if your device is connected to power via a USB cable, the display and/or CPU might use more energy than USB can deliver.