Our maps available for offline use, so that the app does not require any internet connection in flight.

Base maps

Our base maps are edited versions of maps kindly provided by Klokan Technologies through the OpenMapTiles project.

Aeronautical maps

Our free aeronautical maps are compiled from databases provided by the openAIP and the open flightmaps projects. While openAIP covers most of the world, the open flightmaps cover fewer countries but contain more detailed information. The maps receive near-weekly updates.

Map Feature Data Origin
Airfields openAIP
Airspace: Nature Preserve Areas open flightmaps
Airspace: all other openAIP
Navaids openAIP
Procedures (Traffic Circuits, …) open flightmaps
Reporting Points open flightmaps

Class 1 and Class 2 maps

For simplicity, our maps are divided in “Class 1” and “Class 2”.

  • Class 1 maps are compiled from openAIP and open flightmaps data. These maps contain complete information about airspaces, airfields and navaids. In addition, the maps contain (mandatory) reporting points. Some of our tier 1 maps also show traffic circuits and flight procedures for control zones.

  • Class 2 maps are compiled from openAIP data only. They contain complete information about airspaces, airfields and navaids.

List of maps

Below is a complete list of the maps that we offer.

Continent Country Class
Africa Namibia Class 1
Africa South Africa Class 1
Australia Oceanica Australia Class 2
Australia Oceanica New Zealand Class 2
Europe Austria Class 1
Europe Belgium Class 1
Europe Bulgaria Class 1
Europe Croatia Class 1
Europe Cyprus Class 2
Europe Czech Republic Class 1
Europe Denmark Class 1
Europe Estonia Class 2
Europe Finland Class 1
Europe France Class 2
Europe Germany Class 1
Europe Greece Class 1
Europe Hungary Class 1
Europe Iceland Class 2
Europe Ireland Class 2
Europe Italy Class 1
Europe Latvia Class 2
Europe Liechtenstein Class 2
Europe Lithuania Class 2
Europe Luxembourg Class 2
Europe Malta Class 2
Europe Netherlands Class 1
Europe Norway Class 2
Europe Poland Class 1
Europe Portugal Class 2
Europe Romania Class 1
Europe Serbia Class 2
Europe Slovakia Class 1
Europe Slowenia Class 1
Europe Spain Class 2
Europe Sweden Class 1
Europe Switzerland Class 1
Europe United Kingdom Class 2
North America Canada Class 2
North America United States Class 2
South America Argentina Class 2
South America Brazil Class 2, NavAids missing